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Weed Barrier Mat

Lets in moisture and air.

Our handy Weed Barrier Mat keeps down weeds, retains moisture in soil and allows for the production of large, clean harvests! Non-woven Geo textile fabric is dense enough to block the light that many weed seeds need to germinate, but unlike plastic mulches, it lets in moisture and air so soil can breathe naturally. Simply lay mat between rows or punch holes in it to plant transplants. It can also be used under shrubs and trees for a finished-landscape look.

This item ships in both Spring & Fall

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  • 1989
  • 3' x 24'
  • $21.99
  • 1990
  • 3' x 60'
  • $39.99
  • 1991
  • 6' x 24'
  • $39.99
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