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American Sycamore

Massive Shade Tree with Showy Bark

Massive native tree provides summer shade and winter interest to the landscape. Growing 80 ft. tall with a 60 ft. spread, the American Sycamore tree has an open, spreading habit with several massive branches. This deciduous tree is best known for its smooth, pale, exfoliating bark, which provides winter interest. A quick-growing tree, it stands up well in inclement weather such as high winds and hail. Highly resistant to pollution and salty soils. Native to lowland areas in eastern North America, the American Sycamore grows best when planted in rain gardens or well-drained, moist areas that do not dry out. 2-3 ft. bareroot. Zones 4-9.

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Platanus occidentalis
  • Height: 80 feet.
  • Spacing: 60 - 80 feet.
  • Depth: Plant at same depth as in nursery.
  • Spread: 60 feet.
  • Light Required: Full Sun.
  • Foliage: Palmate leaves ,with 3 to 5 lobes. Edges are wavy with teeth. Bright green on top of leaf, pale green on underside. Fall foliage is brown.
  • Fruit: 1 inch brown balls that hand on stalks. Most will fall off the tree and litter the ground, while some will remain on the tree throughout the winter.
  • Zone: 4 - 9
  • Form: Open, spreading crown with several massive branches.
  • Soil Requirements: Deep, moist, rich, well-drained soil.
  • Pruning: Pruning during the dormant season -- particularly the late dormant season, such as in January -- has many benefits besides giving new shoots a fair shot at life. Specifically, this timing limits the loss of resources when you remove parts of the sycamores, as trees store most of their nutrients in their wood and roots during the dormant season. It also reduces the risk of spring and summer insects entering pruning wounds, which then seal with fresh bark as warm spring weather hits. And during th
  • Comments: While not one of the tallest trees, it is considered one of the most massive - as it has a very open, spreading crown with several huge branches. Known for its whitish exfoliating bark - makes a great ornamental shade tree.

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