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Li'l Big Apple Tree Video

Gurney's horticulture expert Felix takes a look at a Li'l BIG Apple Tree and discusses the way early fruit bearing can influence the tree's eventual growth.


Hello, Felix here again with Gurney's and we're at our research farm. Today I'd like to talk a little bit about our little big apple trees. What we have here is a Sundance that was planted in the fall of 2007, right now we're fall of 2009--its second year in the ground and we have a nice crop load on this tree. Now keep in mind that one of the components with a little big tree is if you let it crop early, this early--the second year, it'll run the tree out. You'll have this extra small tree. Right now, this is only about two and a half-three feet tall and by letting it crop this early, it's not going to get much bigger than this. Well, maybe put on another half a foot of growth, maybe another foot. So, if you want a bigger framework on your tree, the key is to pull the fruit off those first two years. And even the third year will help, because then the energy in the growth of the tree will go into the framework development and letting it, letting it fruit later will help. Again, if you want a really small apple tree, you can go ahead and let it fruit. Nice crop load, second year.


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