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How to Prune Currants in Early Spring Video

Felix from Gurney's showcases how to prune currants, touching on the finer points of improving air circulation and enhancing the plant's overall balance. Learn how you can promote bush-type growth and create a fan like growth with your currants.


Hi, Felix here with Gurney's and we're talking about currants. If you watched our other videos, you get the idea about what we're going to address here with this particular plant. it's a naturally growing currant, they have a really wonderful smell even in the dormant season, they're just a nice plant to grow. This one is very happy, vigorous plant on a lot of shoots, has a number of flower buds here. If you look close, you can see that this is the nice, fat bud, it's going to put out a lot of flowers this year. Some of the others are more vegetative in nature. Here's a vegetative bud, they're just starting to break here in early spring and we're going to prune this up so with all these low branches here that are not doing us any benefit because the fruit's down in the moist soil area, we're going to take those back and just keep the vertical growing limbs in preparation of training this to a fan form. I'm going to start pruning this and we're going to give you a little time lapse so you can see what the end product is for those of you who want some help with how to prune these. So all the cuts are going to be, you know, as far back as possible on these low growing limbs. Loppers help the big ones. Alight folks, so there it is, we've taken up a significant volume of this particular portion, all these low growing limbs that were in the soil area, we've taken them off and encouraged vertical growing shoots that are going to better support the fruit load. There's better air flow here through the center of the plant which is going to reduce disease. It also allows us if you want to grow this as a bush continually, that's the kind of pruning you want to do, but it also has prepped this particular plant if we want to do our fan system which will be in our next video for going on a fence or growing in an area where you don't have a lot of space and you want to just keep it vertical. So join us for that next video here for growing currant, thanks very much.


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