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How to Install Tree Netting on Small Cherry Trees Video

Felix demonstrates how to install tree netting around a cherry tree. Find out tips on choosing the right netting and how to ensure your fruit is accessible to you while still remaining safe from pests.


Hi folks, Felix here at Gurney's. Today I want to cover netting a cherry tree. This happens to be our Carmine Jewel, our nice new dwarf cherry, and this is our netting material. I brought the netting, and what's really key about this netting is that the size of these squares is small enough that the birds do not get their feet caught in this, they'll land on the top of this netting, and you don't want their feet getting caught in those squares because they'll just get caught in it and they won't be able to get out and you'll have a mess on your hands and this netting, the size is about quarter inches squares and it's perfect. It doesn't get caught on your branches, the birds don't get caught in it, it's perfect for netting and keeping the birds out of your fruit. The other beauty here with this tree, its size makes it really easy to net compared to netting your tart cherries that are tree size because you can just drape it over easily. This happens to just be a three-year-old we're working with today but when your Carmine Jewel gets six to seven feet tall, so you can use this same piece of netting for those and at the base here, which is the final step, we're going to wrap around this netting at the base and tie it off. I'll show that to you just so the birds can't get in underneath because they will do that. So you need to secure around the trunk of your tree as well. Alright, so I've wrapped my twine around the trunk, a little slipknot here but sure all my netting is tucked underneath it and then I just tie this off and I want to make sure it's easy to get in and out of this because I might want to pick over a period of time. Carmine Jewel hangs really well on the tree, it doesn't prematurely drop, which is nice because you can come pick a few cherries and wait a couple of days, pick a few more, so you want to make it easy to get into your netting, so I just made a little slip knot, just pull on, this comes out, and then I can retie it. Really easy to get your Carmine Jewel cherry when you compare that to the big tree, tart cherries that are out there and how much difference there is. Thanks for joining us. Look for some of our other videos where we cover some other care tips, keeping birds off, other pest problems. Thanks for joining me.


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