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Sweet Corn Flavor Favorites

What is the sweetest corn to grow in the home garden?

When selecting sweet corn, choose from sugary-enhanced hybrids (se), normal or high-sugar hybrids (su), super-sweet hybrids (sh2), synergistic hybrids (sy) or Simply Irresistible & Gotta Have It hybrids. (Se) hybrids offer super tenderness, creamy texture and a good "corn" flavor while (su) hybrids have a hearty corn flavor and firm, creamy texture. (Sh2) hybrids have extra-sweet flavor and crisp texture, and (sy) hybrids combine the best of (sh2) and (se) types—very high sugar content, tender-crisp texture and slow conversion of sugars to starches. Simply Irresistible and Gotta Have It are our taste-test winners with sweet flavor, tender-crisp texture and rich corn taste.


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