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    Ka-Bluey® Blueberry
    Ka-Bluey® Blueberry
    The most delicious berry we have ever encountered! After you try Ka-Bluey, you won't want to eat any other blueberry variety. Explosive flavor... More
    $29.99 – $49.99
  • Echo Blueberry
  • Patriot Hybrid Blueberry

    Patriot Hybrid Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Chandler Blueberry
  • Bluecrop Blueberry

    Bluecrop Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Northland Semi-Dwarf Blueberry
  • Jersey Blueberry

    Jersey Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Gurney's® Blueberry Food
  • Northsky Dwarf Blueberry

    Northsky Dwarf Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Tophat Dwarf Blueberry
  • Northblue Dwarf Blueberry

    Northblue Dwarf Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Pink Lemonade Blueberry

    Pink Lemonade Blueberry

    $19.99 – $39.99
  • Gurney's® Blueberry Success Mix
  • Grow Tub® 20 Gallon
  • T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    $9.99 – $29.99
  • Kelp Spray and Meal

    Kelp Spray and Meal

    $19.99 – $24.99
  • Gurney's® Garden Gloves
  • Rosewood Pruner
  • Out of Stock Perpetua™ Blueberry

    Perpetua™ Blueberry

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Blueberries belong in every home garden! Not only do they produce deliciously sweet and healthful fruits, but the 4- to 6-ft. shrubs make handsome landscape plants. Have a smaller space? No problem. Choose a dwarf variety and plant in a container. Gurney's carries a wide selection of blueberry plants. All of our blueberries are self-fruitful, but will produce better crops and higher yields if more than one variety is planted.

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