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Gardening Guides » Vegetable Seeds » Sweet Corn: Savor fresh-picked flavor

Sweet Corn: Savor fresh-picked flavor

Sweet corn has come a long way! Choose from high-sugar hybrids (su) that are sweeter at harvest and stay that way for up to 10 days, super-sweet hybrids (sh2) with their even higher sugar content and crisp, chewy texture, and the sugary-enhanced hybrids (se) that are sweet, creamy and exceptionally tender. Corn is a good source of thiamine, needed for healthy nerves. Yellow corn also contains lutein, which may benefit eyesight.

Planting Tip: Plant super-sweet varieties at least 250 feet away from other sweet corns, or allow at least 14 days between maturities. (Supersweets can be planted with other supersweets.) Sugary-enhanced and high-sugar hybrids can be planted together.

Seed Counts:A packet of 250 sweet corn seeds sows a 50' row. A 1/2 pound packet of sweet corn seeds sows a 200' row.


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