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How to Plant Flowering Trees?

Follow the general planting directions in Easy Steps to Planting Nursery Stock.

Proper spacing is essential to good growth and attractive landscaping results. Varieties that grow taller than 50 feet are best located at least 30 feet from the street and the house. Larger varieties look best alone, smaller ones are more appealing planted in clusters of 2 or 3. After planting, trunks can be wrapped to protect the bark from sun, wind, insects, rodents and deer. This is best done in fall and should be removed the following spring. Wrap the tree from the ground to the crotch of the first major branches. Most trees are pruned before shimpment to avoid damage in transit. However, they may need some additional pruning. Prune out crossed limbs and remove broken or injured branches by trimming just outside the branch "collar"—the small, raised area around the branch where it grows from the main stem.


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