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Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis

Exclusive Trellis System Offers Quick, Easy Way to Better Fruit Production

You don't have to worry anymore about dirt and disease ruining your fruit. Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis offers a quick, easy way to cleaner, healthier, and greater fruit production.

Breakthrough Support System

An exclusive, breakthrough system from Gurney's, this garden trellis can support even the heftiest canes or vines with ease thanks to its sturdy heavy-duty rings, keeping fruit off the ground and dirt off the fruit. The system is compatible with a variety of trailing fruits and vegetables such as blackberries, squash, melons, pole beans, or anything that climbs.


Each trellis system kit includes one 10" ring and one 12" ring (designed to quickly and easily attach to any standard U or T post--not included), and instructions. Your full, upright canes will take up less space than traditionally-trellised canes, and the plants will stay erect for easier harvest.

The Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis is a no-hassle way to grow and pick blackberries, even in the smallest of spaces!

Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis

1 (rings): Study, heavy-duty rings provide extra support, keeping fruit off the ground and dirt off the fruit.

2 (vertical): Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis keeps blackberries and other trailing fruits and vegetables erect for harvest.

3 (traditional): Traditional berry trellises don't allow you to grow fruit in the places the Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis can.

4 (trellis solo): Easy Pickin's Blackberry Trellis is quick and easy to assemble. Just attach to any U or T post, and let it do the rest.


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