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Rubinette Apple Tree

Has been described as "quite possibly the world's best tasting apple," but you'll have to decide for yourself. This cross of Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious features a rich combination of sweet, tart and intense honey flavors making it a top choice for fresh eating and juice. Ripens in late September-early October. Zones 4-9.

NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time.

Why buy a Standard Deluxe or Li'l Big Deluxe package - Deluxe fruit trees include 2 oz. Quik-Cal Pelletized Calcium, 12 oz. bag of Fruit Tree Food Starter Formula and a premium tree guard to protect the trunk for gnawing pests, weed trimmers and mowers. Li'l-BIG™ Deluxe fruit trees also include our innovative tree support, recommended for all Li'l-BIG trees.

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Malus domestica 'Rubinette'
  • Height: 20-25 feet for standards. 6-8 feet for Li'l-Big.
  • Spacing: 20 feet for standards. 6-8 fet for lil bigs.
  • Depth: Graft or bud union should be just above the soil line. Place the plant in the hole at the same level it was grown by the nursery. This is where the roots start and the tops shoots begin. Spread the roots out evenly. Gently work the soil around the roots do not pack the soil. Water plant thorou
  • Spread: 20 feet for standard. 4-6 feet for Li'l-Big.
  • Light Required: Full sun
  • Pollinator: Another midseason blooming variety, self-infertile.
  • Yield: Light yield.
  • Foliage: Green leaves
  • Blooms: Midseason
  • Fruit: Small to medium size fruit with bright red striping over golden ground color and slight russeting. Cream to yellow flesh. Balance of sweetness and rich sharpness.
  • Zone: 4-9
  • Form: Upright, spreading tree.
  • Soil Requirements: Average, evenly moist, well-drained soil.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.
  • Pruning: Thin fruit late spring. Allow no more than 1 fruit per set of blossoms.
  • Comments: A cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Golden Delicious. Very similar in flavor to Cox, but performs much better in warmer climates. Fruit size improves as tree gets older. Described as 'quite possibly the world's best tasting apple'. Rich combination of sugar, acid and intense honeyed flavor. Not prone to biennial bearing.

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