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Japanese Beetle Trap

Most Effective Trap Available

Attracts adult using an irresistible pheromone and floral lure. Set out in mid-June, 50 ft. upwind of vulnerable plants. Includes trap assembly, large-capacity bag and lures. Japanese Beetle Trap lures should be replaced every four to six weeks.

Japanese beetles are metallic green and copper-colored, and usually grow to about 1/2" long. They will eat almost any plant, but especially love beans and corn. This beetle's larvae are rarely noticed, but their diet of grass and vegetable roots can reduce crop yields and weaken lawns.

This item ships in both Spring & Fall

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  • Replacement Lures-1 floral and 1 pheromone lure
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  • Japanese Beetle Trap - Bag and Lure- 1 trap
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