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Flat Wonderful™ Reachables<sup>®</sup> Peach Tree
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Flat Wonderful™ Reachables® Peach Tree

The Name Says It All!

This luscious peach is nothing short of just flat wonderful! You may have seen this type of peach in your supermarket referred to as a 'Saturn', 'Donut' or even 'UFO' peach. Although Flat Wonderful is similar in its unique flattened shape, it is worlds apart in taste! The fruit has that sweet rich flavor that simply embodies summer. Juicy, with a pleasingly dense texture as wonderful for fresh eating as it is for canning and baking —it never gets mushy or bland. Flat Wonderful makes an attractive addition to the landscape as well. Gorgeous showy blooms in the spring are followed by brilliant glossy red foliage, making it perfect as an ornamental. Ripens in late July. Flat Wonderful Reachables Peach Tree is available for shipping now. Potted. Zones 5-8. PP16836.

Now available in Reachables size! Flat Wonderful Reachables Peach Tree produces full-sized fruits, but on a smaller tree. That makes it easier to fit into your garden, orchard—or even a container. It's also easier to manage than full-sized trees. One person can prune, spray, net and harvest the tree—all while standing on the ground. Note: Because their full-sized fruits grow on smaller trees, Reachables require a tree support.

Produces in Less Than 2 Years! Our Reachables trees bear a small fruit crop in under two years—and larger crops in the subsequent years.

Easy to Plant! The fully leafed-out Reachables tree ships with a bamboo stake that provides temporary support until replaced with a sturdy tree support. The tree is potted in an Ellepot. Made of biodegradable paper, Ellepots can be planted directly into the ground.

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Product Details

  • Botanical Name: Prunus persica 'Flat Wonderful' PP16836
  • Height: Standard: 15-20 feet. Reachables: 6-8 feet. Reachables tree heights will vary some based on location, soil, light, temperature, and other environmental factors.
  • Spacing: Standard: 18-20 feet. Reachables: 8-12 feet.
  • Depth: Locate the planting depth indicator, the marked line above the tree's root system. The graft should be about 2 inches above the soil surface.
  • Spread: Standard: 18-20 feet
  • Light Required: Full Sun
  • Pollinator: Self-pollinating.
  • Yield: Reachables: 3/4 - 1 bushel
  • Color: Pink blossoms.
  • Foliage: Brilliant maroon early, to green beginning in July.
  • Blooms: Mid to late season.
  • Fruit: Sweet and spicy with a very desirable chewy texture.
  • Zone: 5 - 8 (-20° F.)
  • Form: Deciduous. Spreading.
  • Flower Form: Showy blossoms.
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, organic, sandy loam soil.
  • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.
  • Size: Medium to large fruit.
  • Comments: A truly unique new peach from Rutgers University. Gives you gorgeous, showy blossoms in Spring, brilliant, glossy maroon foliage in early Summer and wonderful, yellow-fleshed, doughnut-shaped peaches in late July. Super sweet. When you plant this peach, you get a beautiful landscape specimen and out-of-this-world fruit.

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