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Trees & Shrubs

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  • Gurney’s Choice
    Snowball Bush
    Snowball Bush
    An impressive addition to the landscape, this shrub produces masses of pure white, snowball-like clusters of blooms that slowly fade to gentle... More
  • Lilac Sunday Lilac
  • Rainbow Butterfly Bush
  • Firecracker Mountain Laurel
  • Dappled Willow
  • Gurney's® Fruit Tree Food
  • Winterberry


  • Black Knight Butterfly Bush
  • Peach Tree Borer Trap
  • Quik-Cal Pelletized Calcium
  • Fruit Tree Spray

    Fruit Tree Spray

    $29.99 – $39.99
  • Apple Pest Trap

    Apple Pest Trap

    $9.99 – $24.99
  • Fuji Apple Tree

    Fuji Apple Tree

    $59.99 – $67.99
  • Flat Wonderful™ Peach Tree
  • Tree Support
  • Adjustable Plant Ties
  • All Summer Beauty Hydrangea
  • Joseph's Coat Climbing Rose
  • Bluebird Hibiscus
  • beetleJUS!™ for Ornamental and Vegetable Pests
  • T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    T-I-M-E-D Fertilizer Tabs

    $9.99 – $29.99
  • Rosie Beach Party™ Lilac
  • Shield-All Plus™
  • Honeycrisp Apple Tree

    Honeycrisp Apple Tree

    $59.99 – $67.99
  • Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree

    Pixie Crunch™ Apple Tree

    $74.99 – $84.99
  • Rosewood Pruner
  • Gurney's® Garden Gloves
  • Rose & Ornamental Plant Spray
  • Early Amethyst Japanese Beautyberry
  • Limelight Hydrangea
  • Korean Spice Viburnum
  • Amber Glow™ Metasequoia
  • Aphrodite Hibiscus
  • Emerald Gaiety Euonymus
  • Moonshadow Euonymus
  • Out of Stock Love Hydrangea

    Love Hydrangea

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Josee Reblooming Lilac

    Josee Reblooming Lilac

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Ruby Slippers Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea

    Ruby Slippers Dwarf Oakleaf Hydrangea

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Congo French Lilac

    Congo French Lilac

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Pink Diamond Hydrangea

    Pink Diamond Hydrangea

    Notify when Available
  • Out of Stock Eye Candy Hibiscus

    Eye Candy Hibiscus

    Notify when Available
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Add shade, color and interest to your yard with trees and shrubs from Gurney's. We carry a wide selection of deciduous trees, including several maple varieties, poplars, buckeyes and more. Our trees provide shade and color to your yard. Want year-round color? Select one of our evergreens. Shrubs, like lilacs, provide fragrance, blooms and interest. Use lilacs and other shrubs to create a privacy screen, or hide an air conditioning unit, fence or other unattractive spot.

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