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Gurney's Whopper Strawberries

Easy to Plant • Easy to Grow

Your Whopper Strawberry plants will be shipped to you as dormant crowns. Only remnants of leaves will be present, and these will look brown and dry. Be assured, however, that the plants you will receive from Gurney’s are healthy specimens with fat crowns and strong, ample root systems, which will start growing as soon as you plant them.

Their current appearance mimics how they would look had they gone through a natural winter rest period. Like all plants, come spring, they will show rapid growth, sending up new green shoots and spreading their strong roots out into the soil.

It is important that you plant your hardy Whopper Strawberries as soon as possible, so they can begin developing a root system, enabling them to establish quickly and grow into bushy, vigorous plants—ready to produce a bountiful crop of huge, delicious berries the following year.

If you cannot plant right away, open up the shipping box and stand each bundle of strawberry plants up in the box so air can circulate around them. Keep in a cool place out of direct sunlight. It is helpful, but not necessary, to soak the roots of your Whopper Strawberries for several hours or overnight (no longer) prior to planting, especially if you cannot plant them right away.

Then, stand back and watch as these amazing plants grow to form lush mounds of foliage and produce an abundance of fruit unlike any strawberry you have ever seen!

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