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Vegetable Flavor Favorites
Gurney's Goliath™ Spinach Gurney's Goliath™ Spinach
Red Pontiac Potatoes Red Pontiac Potatoes
Tendersweet Carrot Tendersweet Carrot
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Giant Magic Hybrid Pumpkin  Gurney's&reg; Giant Magic Hybrid Pumpkin
Black Magic Kale Black Magic Kale
Harrier Hybrid Beet Harrier Hybrid Beet
Double Delicious (se) Hybrid Sweet Corn Double Delicious (se) Hybrid Sweet Corn
Gotta Have It<sup>&reg;</sup> Hybrid Sweet Corn Gotta Have It&reg; Hybrid Sweet Corn
Northern Xtra-Sweet Bicolor (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn Northern Xtra-Sweet Bicolor (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn
Northern Xtra-Sweet Yellow (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn Northern Xtra-Sweet Yellow (sh2) Hybrid Sweet Corn
Silver Queen (su) Hybrid Sweet Corn Silver Queen (su) Hybrid Sweet Corn
Jersey Knight Hybrid Asparagus Jersey Knight Hybrid Asparagus
Roma (VF) Tomato  Roma (VF) Tomato
Beefsteak (VF) Tomato  Beefsteak (VF) Tomato
Candy Hybrid Onion Candy Hybrid Onion
Improved Golden Wax Bush Beans Improved Golden Wax Bush Beans
Blue Lake Pole Beans  Blue Lake Pole Beans
Baby Thorogreen Lima Beans Baby Thorogreen Lima Beans
Miragreen  Miragreen
Sugar Ann  Sugar Ann
Avalanche Snow Peas Avalanche Snow Peas
Purple Top White Globe Turnip Purple Top White Globe Turnip
Green Ice Lettuce Green Ice Lettuce
Lettuce Blend Lettuce Blend
Bright Lights Chard Bright Lights Chard
Chipman's Canada Red Rhubarb  Chipman's Canada Red Rhubarb
German Giant Parat Radish  German Giant Parat Radish
Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber Straight Eight Slicing Cucumber
Argonaut Hybrid Butternut Winter Squash  Argonaut Hybrid Butternut Winter Squash
Stonehead Hybrid Cabbage  Stonehead Hybrid Cabbage
Snow Crown Hybrid Cauliflower  Snow Crown Hybrid Cauliflower
Pink Cadillac (VFF) Hybrid Tomato Pink Cadillac (VFF) Hybrid Tomato
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Orange Whopper (VFF) Hybrid Tomato Gurney's&reg; Orange Whopper (VFF) Hybrid Tomato
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Primo Jalape&ntilde;o Hybrid Hot Pepper Gurney's&reg; Primo Jalape&ntilde;o Hybrid Hot Pepper
Carnivale Cayenne Blend Hot Pepper Carnivale Cayenne Blend Hot Pepper
Easy Slice&trade; (VFF) Hybrid Tomato Easy Slice&trade; (VFF) Hybrid Tomato
Gurney's Globo Onion  Gurney's Globo Onion
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Winter Wonderland Kale Mix Gurney's&reg; Winter Wonderland Kale Mix
Mauveless Hybrid Popcorn  Mauveless Hybrid Popcorn
Double Delight Hybrid Sweet Pepper Double Delight Hybrid Sweet Pepper
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Giant II Hybrid Sweet Pepper  Gurney's&reg; Giant II Hybrid Sweet Pepper
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Burpless II Hybrid Cucumber Gurney's&reg; Burpless II Hybrid Cucumber
Summer Bounty Hybrid Blend Summer Squash Summer Bounty Hybrid Blend Summer Squash
Gurney's<sup>&reg;</sup> Pride II Hybrid Zucchini  Gurney's&reg; Pride II Hybrid Zucchini
Gotta Have It<sup>&reg;</sup> White Hybrid Sweet Corn  Gotta Have It&reg; White Hybrid Sweet Corn
Garlic Softneck California White Garlic Softneck California White

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