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PeeGee Hydrangea
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PeeGee Hydrangea

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Blooms in Midsummer, Flowers Remain Through Fall

This magnificent, tree-form hydrangea bears cascades of showy blooms in midsummer when few other shrubs do! Panicles of ivory flowers—up to 18 in. long and 12 in. wide—turn dusky purple to pink in fall, finally becoming a warm wheat color by winter. Cut blooms are lovely in arrangements. Matures to 10-15 ft. tall with gracefully arching branches. Does well in both full sun and shade. Bareroot. Zones 3-8. 12-18in.

Zones: 3-8 (-30 degrees F)
Height: 10-15'; graceful arching branches (can get to 20' unpruned)
Shade Requirement: Partial shade, shade, full sun

PeeGee Hydrangea
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PeeGee Hydrangea Product Details

Botanical Name: Hydrangea Paniculta Grandiflora

Height: 10-15'; graceful arching branches (can get to 20' unpruned)

Spacing: 12' - 15"

Depth: Crown at soil level

Spread: 8-10' (15' if unpruned)

Sun/Shade: Partial shade, shade, full sun

Color: Ivory white, turning a dusky purple to pink and finally, in winter, a wheat color

Foliage: Simple, elliptic, sometimes in whorls. Dark green 3" to 6" long, 1 1/2" to 3" wide

Blooms: July through September; for about 6 weeks

Form: Deciduous woody shrub

Flower Form: Almost all are sterile forming large pyramidal panicles

Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moisture retentive

Growth Rate: Fast once established, which takes approximately 4-6 weeks

Pruning: Prunie to maintain tree form and keep within bounds.

Comments: Notes for its large panicles of highly decorative flowers which dry and remain on the plant all winter. These can be used to make interesting dried flower arrangements. The panicles can reach 12-18" in lenghth and 6-12" wide under favorable conditions with proper pruning. The tree form is particularly prized as it makes a perfect specimen plant with arching branches forming a cascade above the central trunk. It can be under planted and incorporated into a border where it will provide almost four seasons of interest. It needs plenty of space. Provides a large splash of color when few other shrubs are in bloom.

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