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Gurney's® Blueberry Success Mix
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Gurney's® Blueberry Success Mix

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The Easiest Way to Grow Blueberries!

Now you can grow blueberries no matter what your soil type or where you live. Blueberry Success Mix is formulated with the specific acidity, nutrients and texture that blueberries crave. It's as easy as pouring the Success Mix into a growing container, transplanting your blueberry plant and waiting for sweet juicy berries! Our mix can also be used to amend your existing soil for planting, and will improve soil structure, enhance aeration and aid in acidifying soil. Other acid-loving plants such as hydrangeas and azaleas will love our Success Mix too! Each bag will fill an 8-10 in. individual gallon pot.

Directions for Application

New Plants-
In containers:
›Use Blueberry Success Mix as a planting mix for your plants in containers
›No other amendment is needed

In raised beds:
›When building your raised beds, you should make them 8" deep.
›Width and length will depend on the type and number of plants you will be putting in the beds
›Each bag of Blueberry Success Mix will fill approximately 1 cubic foot of container.
›Fertilize your blueberry plants with an acid blend of fertilizer approximately 6 months after planting and add more mix as mulch over the bed itself.
›Remember that blueberries require consistent soil moisture, so incorporating an irrigation kit would be beneficial.
›See you plants growing instructions to get moisture and spacing requirements

Existing Plants-
Incorporate into soil:

›Either dig out the top 4 to 6" of soil around your plants and fill back in with the mix or,
›Mix into the top layer of soil (4-6") at a ratio of approximately 50:50
›Use some as a mulch over top of plant and soil

As mulch:
›Can be used as a mulch for established plants and beds
›Layer the Blueberry Success Mix 1" to 4" thick on beds and gardens
›Re-apply each year for best results
›Circle acid loving shrubs with a 1" to 4" thick layer
›Will provide weed control as well as humus and nutrients for your soil and plants

Product Label

Gurney's® Blueberry Success Mix
84806 Quantity Price
For each offer ordered, get 1 bag.

Shipping Details:

We ship this item in both Spring & Fall.
We'll carefully pack and ship your order at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone.

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Gurney's® Blueberry Success Mix Product Details

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