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Fordhook 242 Lima Beans
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Fordhook 242 Lima Beans

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Sets Well in Adverse Weather

Prolific even during drought and heat, making it perfect for growing in the South. Bush-type plants set 3-5 tasty, light-green seeds per pod that are perfect for cooking, freezing or canning.. 75 DAYS.

Seed counts: A 2-oz. packet of lima bean seeds (bush and pole) contains about 50 seeds and sows a 15-ft row.

Zones: 3 - 9 annual
Height: 20 inches .
Shade Requirement: Full sun.
Germination: 7 - 10 days.

Fordhook 242 Lima Beans - Pkt
  • 14234
  • Quantity
  • Price

  • For each offer ordered, get 2 oz.
  • $2.99
Fordhook 242 Lima Beans - 1/2 lb.
  • 14235
  • Quantity
  • Price

  • For each offer ordered, get 1/2 lb.
  • $8.99
Fordhook 242 Lima Beans - 2 lbs
  • 14236
  • Quantity
  • Price

  • For each offer ordered, get 2 lbs.
  • $24.99

Shipping Details:

We ship this item in both Spring & Fall.
We'll carefully pack and ship your order at the proper planting time for your hardiness zone.

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Fordhook 242 Lima Beans Product Details

Botanical Name: Phaseolus lunatus 'Fordhook 242'; Family: Fabaceae/Leguminosae (Bean Family)

Height: 20 inches .

Spacing: 3 - 6 inches.

Depth: 1 - 1.5 inches.

Spread: 24 inches .

Sun/Shade: Full sun.

Pollinator: Self pollinating.

Yield: 25 pounds shelled/100 foot row.

Foliage: Green foliage.

Fruit: Plump with 3 - 4 cream colored beans per pod.

Days To Maturity: 75 days.

Form: Annual. Bush bean.

Soil Requirements: Rich, sandy, well-drained soil.

Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.

Seed Count: 2 oz. packet is approximately 50 seeds, 1/2 lb. is approximately 200 seeds and 2lbs. is approx. 400 seeds

Size: 4 inches.

Comments: Sturdy, upright growth for easy picking. Now improved for the North. More heat tolerant. Higher yields. Easier to harvest and shell than other varieties. Keeps it's flavor canned or frozen. Considered the finest of the large lima beans.

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