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How to Plant Apache Blackberry

Blackberry plants are perennials with a biennial growing and fruiting pattern that provide a bounty of sweet and juicy fresh fruits year after year. Apache Blackberry, a thornless erect variety, yields firm, large mouth-watering fruits. The savor of these shiny black fruit makes them an ideal choice for eating fresh or in your favorite pies, jams and jellies.

Apache Blackberry plants grow up to 5–8 feet high and spread up to 4–6 feet across. The spacing between the plants should range between 3–6 feet. A well-drained loose soil and sufficient watering will guarantee the best blackberries will grow in your garden. The plants grow up best in full sun but they have a tendency to stand for partial shade too.

Blackberries are trouble-free to grow and need only a little care. Propagate the plants to the same depth as they were grown in containers; make sure to water lightly after covering the roots with the soil. Planting them in spring will allow the blooms show early in the summer for more than a few weeks.

Once established, Apache Blackberry plants do not require the support of a trellis or fence to grow; the canes that bears fruits are very strong and stand erect. The new canes of the blackberry plant should be tipped at a height of 42 inches during the growing period and prune them once they have produced fruit. Following a recommended care guide in regards to the soil selection, planting, mulching, harvesting, watering and pruning will help you enjoy the sweetest flavor of your home-grown Apache Blackberries endlessly.

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